The JMT Difference

The JMT Difference
The JMT Difference

Not all Facilities on the Sunshine Coast are the same!

At JMT we have everything you need and more packed into one unique Facility. It's this that makes us different.

  • Personal Training and programs
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Running Groups and Coaching
  • OCR / Ninja Warrior Courses
  • Nutritional, Physical and online challenges
  • Regular One Off Workshops and Events you won't get anywhere else

In today's times, training needs to be fun, professional and diverse yet also specific. To improve in one area, you need to work on multiple areas. But why go to multiple locations when you can access everything you need under one roof?

At JMT, we don't do boring. Our team of professional coaches are experts at combining the best results-based training and nutrition principles with a heavy dose of encouragement, accountability, creativity and laughter. The result is a supportive community of individuals who encourage and celebrate each other’s success.

JMT is more than a Facility, it's a community of support, education, and encouragement towards whats important to you. Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, we can help get you there.

Why We are Different

Why We are Different
Why We are Different

At JMT, "fitness" is not just about strength, body shape or even health. Yes, you’ll look better and yes, you’ll feel better. But if that is all you get, then our job isn’t done.

to our team and community, real fitness extends far beyond these limitations.

It is in our interactions with other people that JMT excels. You will automatically become better spouses, parents, friends, colleagues just by what you achieve between these four walls.

Step into our world - come on!

Step into our world - come on!
Step into our world - come on!

You’ll actually feel like you have come home. Home to a place where no dream is too big no person too small. If you can wish it for yourself, we already believe in you.

For all the fitness misfits and crazy people, the people who get excited by out working everyone else, those who get high on the feeling of exhaustion, who get inspired by the effort and courage of others.

  • To the people who feel it is their duty to live life to its fullest potential...
  • To you powerful and amazing people, we’ve created your home.
  • We know that inside you is greatness, a spark.
  • You’ve felt it, possibly.
  • You’ve dreamed it, maybe.

Our Coaches have seen it, that’s why they are here. We have seen it and nurtured it in hundreds of other people just like you. Every single person that we’ve ever trained will tell you that we’ve found something in them that they never knew was there.

sometimes to get to where you think you can go, you need a facility, a team of Coaches, and a community that believes in you…

More than you do.